International Brand Specialist

We are a professional corporation which provides Corporate Brand Marketing, International Business Connection and Corporate Gifts.

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Corporate Brand Marketing

To build your brand at an international level to attract global clients.

International Business Connect

To connect and explore potential overseas business partner.

Corporate Gifts

To design and produce professional souvenirs to enhance your brand.

Ucorp Holdings Pte Ltd

Brand Marketing, Bizconnect & Corporate Gifts

What is Branding?

Company branding consists of company logo, brochure, website, video, events and social networking service. A successful branding is a showcase of your company's vision.

wWhat is International Bizconnect?

Expanding and connecting business internationally would help organization to diversify market sector and bring in more clients and revenue.

Why Corporate Gifts?

Corporate gifts are is to print company name and logo onto a product,it is an appreciation tokens for company employees and clients. With your company name and logo printed on a product, it will also enhance company branding and is a cost efficient advertising tool.

Happy Clients

We aim to provide quality service and effective business solutions to all our clients.